Fentanyl-laced marijuana in Ohio? No.

Fentanyl-laced marijuana in Ohio? No.

Cannabis is safe Fentanyl-laced marijuana is an urban myth...so far Fentanyl has contaminated all prohibited drugs in Ohio — except marijuana and mushrooms. Fentanyl is now in cocaine, meth, Ecstasy and other drugs, pushing Ohio’s overdose death toll...

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How to understand Ohio’s marijuana laws

Ohio "decriminalized" marijuana possession more than 40 years ago, one of the first states to do so. What does that mean? What is "decriminalization"?  How does the law work? What needs to be done? This article will explain the technical details of Ohio marijuana law,...

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Marijuana reform in Ohio: Local vs. statewide

Ohio has at least four efforts underway to put a marijuana issue before voters statewide. The efforts are: Ohio Rights Group. A constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana. Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis.  A constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana. ...

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Drug Policy Reform

Make Change Happen

 Marijuana reform starts locally in Ohio

The state legislature decriminalized marijuana in 1977. Yet one million Ohioans live in places that continue to make pot possession a criminal offense.

Dozens of Ohio communities — from Ashland to Zanesville — remain at odds with state law and common sense.

Did you know Youngstown has Ohio’s harshest marijuana law?

Did you know Cleveland decriminalized pot possession years ago but forgot to do the same for paraphernalia?

Did you know Cleveland, Toledo and Dayton never suspend driver’s licenses for marijuana possession while Columbus and Cincinnati always suspend?

Did you know Mayor’s Courts don’t have authority to suspend driver’s licenses for pot — but often do, out of ignorance?

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Marijuana reform begins locally in Ohio.

City Council’s should be asked to:

1) Decriminalize. Make possession a “minor misdemeanor,” like a traffic ticket.

2) End license suspensions. Six-month revocations for non-driving offenses must stop.

3) Paraphernalia. Decriminalize, same as state law, and no license suspensions.

City Councils will make these reforms — if asked!

Ohio will become a better place immediately, and broader reform — legalization, medical marijuana — will get a jumpstart, encouraging voters to act statewide.


Ohio decriminalized marijuana in 1977. Forty-one communities have yet to follow suit. 

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End driver's license suspensions

Half of Ohio cities still suspend driver’s licenses for pot possession. 


columbus mayor coleman

Why, Mayor Coleman, why?


50 communities punish paraphernalia more severely than the state.  


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