Ohio cities that need to decriminalize 

Ohio’s legislature decriminalized marijuana in 1977. Under state law, possession of up to 100 grams is a “minor misdemeanor,” similar to a traffic ticket, and does not create a criminal record.

However, 41 Ohio cities, representing nearly 1 million people, punish marijuana possession more severely than the state — as a criminal offense.

Canton and Youngstown are among the Ohio cities that still need to decriminalize marijuana.

Few of these cities realize their laws differ from 91% of Ohio. Nor do they understand the self-inflicted economic harm they are imposing on their own citizens.

By creating criminal records for marijuana possession, these cities are forever harming the ability of their residents to get employment, professional licenses, student aid or a military enlistment — to compete against the 91% of Ohioans who don’t get criminal records for pot possession.

Help these cities end the self-inflicted harm that criminalizing marijuana possession imposes on their citizens.

In Ohio, marijuana reform starts locally.

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