Marijuana reform begins locally in Ohio


This page provides a toolkit to start reforming marijuana laws in Ohio.

We will show you common sense reforms that local City Councils will support — if shown the need and a compelling reason to act.

ohio marijuana flag graficNearly all marijuana prosecutions in Ohio are local affairs. The state legislature sets general policy, but most Ohioans live in cities and villages that operate under constitutional home rule powers. This means most marijuana prosecutions and penalties follow laws set by your neighbors —  City and Village Council members.

Nearly every prosecution involving less than 100 grams (X.X ounces) of marijuana is a local matter. The same is true of citations for marijuana paraphernalia.

Local marijuana reform needs to do three things:

  • Decriminalize marijuana in the 41 municipalities (population: 1 million) that do not follow state law.
  • End driver’s license suspensions for marijuana offenses unrelated to driving.
  • Make paraphernalia laws conform with pot possession laws — decriminalized and protecting the right to drive. surveyed marijuana laws in more than 300 Ohio communities.

An amazing number of cities have contradictory laws and and often apply penalties that don’t exist! The time is ripe for reform.

Ohio was once a leader in marijuana reform. The Ohio Medical Society produced nation’s first comprehensive report on the benefits of medical marijuana — in 1864. The Ohio legislature decriminalized marijuana possession in 1977, among the first state’s to do so.

Today, Ohio has fallen far behind other states.

Sensible marijuana policy starts locally. Grassroots reform will not only help thousands of people keep their jobs and avoid the creation of criminal records. It also will raise awareness of the statewide reforms, such as medical marijuana, that can only be done by the legislature or voters.

Start making the Ohio a better place today. See what reforms your community can make right now.  

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