Democratic frontrunner for governor says he’ll do whatever voters want, won’t advocate.

In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch released today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray had the following exchange:

Dispatch: Where do you stand on legalization of recreational marijuana?

Cordray: In my view, that issue was put to a vote of the people just a couple of years ago. Having to been put to vote of people and having been voted down, it should be put back to a vote of the people. If people want to approve that, that’s the only feasible way it’s going to be brought up in the state at this point in time.

I don’t see this legislature being willing to legislate (recreational marijuana). People will make an effort to have that on the ballot is my understanding. The public will either vote that up or down.  Whoever is in state government, no matter who it is of either party, they will implement the voters will on that, and I will do the same.


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