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Entrepreneur Sean Deaver, aka InterstateFatz

Las Vegas rapper Sean Deaver — aka Interstate Fatz — was arrested Monday, April 2, with 13 pounds of marijuana at a Red Roof Inn near Akron. It’s unclear where the 34-year-old entrepreneur was bringing the cannabis, but he deserves credit for reducing drug overdoses and keeping Ohioans safe.

Studies have shown that legal access to marijuana reduces overdose deaths sharply. Medical marijuana makes a big difference, full legalization even more. Marijuana prohibition has taken a terrible toll on Ohio. Today, every illegal drug in Ohio — EXCEPT marijuana — may be contaminated with fentanyl or a fentanyl analog that can cause overdose death.

Fentanyl-laced marijuana is an urban myth — often claimed, always false (so far). The reason for fentanyl-FREE marijuana is because of risk-takers like our Ohio arrested Las Vegas rapper. Ohio should apologize. Housekeeping called police.

Resting comfortably on a King size bed at a Weed Roof Inn near Akron.

Ohio owes a lot to states that have legalized, especially Colorado and California. A large share of Ohio’s marijuana, perhaps a majority, is imported — safe, contaminant-free! — from legal states.

Most illegal drugs come to Ohio from Mexico. Marijuana is the only major prohibited drug produced in the United States. The Mexican marijuana business has collapsed since states started legalizing. If cannabis still came from Mexico, fentanyl-laced marijuana might be a reality. Smugglers could try to boost the potency of low-quality Mexican pot by adding a little fentanyl.

That hasn’t happened…and legal states deserve credit. Entrepreneurial risk-takers such as¬†#InterstateFatz¬†deserve thanks (and risk-adjusted wages) for driving safe, high-quality marijuana to Ohio and other prohibition states. The 2,000-mile Las Vegas-to-Akron trip helps keep Interstate Fatz’s art alive and Ohioans alive as well.

Interstate Fatz’s latest old school rap recording can be seen here:

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